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WSDLWeb Services Description Language (XML format for describing network services)
WSDLWeb Service Definition Language (less common)
WSDLWeb Services Definition Language
WSDLWeb Services Description Language
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The WSDL and XSD schema are analysed to find the operator, parameters, the data type of each parameter, and conditions for each data type.
The third layer is the service layer: The original sub system of the community usually provides the fine-grained API interface, the Web package is to use WSDL which based on XML to describe API again, after the package, the basic service is still fine, while the thinking of SOA requires service unit is coarse-grained, then carries out the service composition in the service layer, so that the service has a certain coarse granularity model.
[13] - W3 Official WSDL Specification
When we analyze WSDL and OWL-S documents in real cases, ontology and some terms used in services do not provide sufficient details for identification of their domains.
They suggested designing the management operations by Web Services based on WSDL and SOAP.
Farrell, "SAWSDL: semantic annotations for WSDL and XML schema," IEEE Internet Computing, vol.
Moreover, as shown in Figure 14, each web service is described with web service description language (WSDL), which contains name, operation, types of parameters, and so forth.
Similarly, service documentation (specifically REST service documentation) is not supported on interface description languages such as WSDL (for SOAP services), but it is provided as HTML pages with no regular or standard structure.
Interneto paslaugu specifikacijos, esancios World Wide Web konsorciume (W3C), siulo naudoti karkasa, pagrista SOAP paslaugu bendravimu ir WSDL (angl.
Building upon SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and WSDL (Web Service Definition Language), the OWL-S services can be dynamically executed on the Web.
This tutorial on the Apache Tuscany open source project is for enterprise developers who are familiar with Java, XML, and WSDL. The book focuses on the Service Component Architecture (SCA) and explains how composite applications can be developed using the Apache Tuscany SCA Java runtime (Tuscany SCA).