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WSDSWater Supply and Drainage System (fault-finding)
WSDSWichita Swing Dance Society (est. 2000; Wichita, KS)
WSDSWashington Sensory Disabilities Services
WSDSWork and Social Disability Scale
WSDSWeight Standard Deviation Score (clinical research)
WSDSWashington State Dahlia Society
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Approximately 46 percent of respondents are married, 33 percent single, and 21 percent are widowed, separated or divorced (hereafter "WSD").
Waddell, "BBC Research & Development White Paper WHP 288: WSD Coexistence Testing at the Building research establishment: an experimental validation of ofcom regulatory proposals, December 2014".
WSDS 2016 will be hosted in New Delhi, focusing on the theme 'Beyond 2015:
Fixed WSDs query the GL-WSDB to access locally available TV channels in order to provide wireless broadband Internet connectivity to unserved or underserved areas.
The various output features such as sensing received signal strength, WSD frequency and its density, CDF of victim frequency, EIRP, average EIRP per frequency and average active WSDs per frequency gave useful information about interference assessment.
Between the advent of WSDS with WorldCat Local in 2007 and the number of discovery services present today, the number of library websites that offer commercial or open source discovery services is more than 5,500, and that number is rapidly growing.