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WSEWhiting School of Engineering (Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD)
WSEWarsaw Stock Exchange (Warsaw, Poland)
WSEWater Science and Engineering (various organizations)
WSEWarsaw School of Economics (aka Szkola Glowna Handlowa w Warszawie)
WSEWeb Services Enhancements (Microsoft)
WSEWhole School Evaluation (various locations)
WSEWeb Site Evolution (IEEE International Symposium)
WSEWeb Services Enhancements
WSEWindows Starter Edition
WSEWater Surface Elevation
WSESymposium on Web Site Evolution (IEEE International Symposum)
WSEWarband Script Enhancer (gaming)
WSEWritten Schemes of Examination (Inspection engineering)
WSEWillis Shaw Express (trucking company)
WSEWorld Stock Exchange (role playing game)
WSEWest South Europe (business territory)
WSEWeapon Support Equipment (US DoD)
WSEWhat So Ever
WSEWell Seismic Edit (energy production)
WSEWorld Society for Ekistics
WSEWashington Spirit Elite (cheerleading program)
WSEWeapon System Effectiveness
WSEWhile So Employed (Canada)
WSEWestwood Studios Exposed
WSEWeapon/Warfare Systems Engineer/Engineering
WSEWeb Site Engineer
WSEWroclawskiego Stowarzyszenia Edukacyjnego (Poland)
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In 2016 WSE served 180,000 learners and operated 70 corporate owned centres in China, nine corporate owned centres in Italy and 321 franchised centres across 27 territories.
The expected cost of energy production using WSE technology is 10 cents per kilowatt hour, said the company, comparable with new coal power.
* Creating a SMIL (synchronized multimedia integration language) file with file-related data that WSE uses to create the manifest files
The reason for the low activity of development entities on the WSE was the downturn in the construction industry observed since the second half of 1997.
There are essentially four main tasks that WSE's perform: (1) they gather collections of webpages (or index portions of the Web); (2) they organise these collections or indexes in some hierarchical fashion; (3) they allow users to interrogate the collections or indexes and sort them into "results" based on queries submitted to the WSE's (usually as text-based search terms); and (4) they provide hyperlinks to the source webpages (Gordon and Pathak, 1999; Liaw and Huang, 2006).
The results demonstrated that (i) WSE alone failed to alter basal nociceptive threshold in both tests, (ii) WSE pre-treatment significantly protracted the antinociceptive effect induced by 5 and 10 mg/kg of morphine only in tail-flick test, (iii) WSE pre-treatment prevented morphine- induced hyperalgesia in the low intensity tail-flick test, and (iv) WSE exhibited a high affinity for the [GABA.sub.A] and moderate affinity for [GABA.sub.B], NMDA and [delta] opioid receptors.
Officials of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE) said yesterday that they disagree with the dual listing of Fondul Proprietatea (FP) on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).
ei wse fo sa th cl Lord Mackay of Drumadoon said: "The mitigating factor of the deceased having been a close friend also required to be taken into account."
After several years of preparation, Bulgaria's pharmaceuticals producer Sopharma started trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) on November 28, placing shares worth an estimated $93.2 million.
25 October 2011 - Bulgaria's Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) said on Friday it gave the green light to the planned listing of drug maker Sopharma (BUL:3JR) on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).