WSEMWest Side Ecumenical Ministry (Cleveland, Ohio)
WSEMWorkshop on Software Engineering and Mobility (International Conference on Software Engineering)
WSEMWood Stanol Ester-Containing Margarine (nutrition)
WSEMWeapon System Evaluator Missile
WSEMWorldwide Sports Event Management (UK)
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Further, the researchers pointed to WSEM's association with additional mechanisms of cellular activity whereby BiovaDerm might offer natural skin health support and restoration, especially under conditions of oxidative stress, thus contributing to prophylactic anti-aging effects among other applications.
Data from the GCI radar scopes provided a big picture, while "F-106 scope film" provided precise information as to the parameters when WSEMs were "launched." F-104s provided their gun camera results, and the radar and infrared WSEM "Tapes were analyzed to determine if failure of the WSEM to acquire or track was because of target maneuvers at launch or after launch." Every pilot wrote his version of what happened during the sortie after he had heard from everyone else during the debriefing.
A WSEM was a missile that did not have a motor, but instead contained instrumentation to verify that it had been "fired" within the correct parameters.
Sometimes one BAWS word is used to "gloss" another, e.g., ia-pu (noted as WSem by CAD I/J 325a; cognate to Ug yp; BHeb yapeh 'beautiful') is glossed (i.e., followed by a Glossenkeil and) ha-mu-du 'desirable' (cognate to Ug hmd, BHeb hmd 'to desire, covet,' G pass, part.; EA 138:26; DNSWI 380; Izre'el, IOS 18, 424).
85, argues that Amarna ba-ya-di is related to WSem bi+yad- names (on Amarna ba-di-u, see note 8 above), rather than being Indo-Aryan, as Hess reluctantly suggests, 55, 226.