WSEMSWisconsin Special Education Mediation System
WSEMSWest Shore Emergency Medical Services (est. 1985; Camp Hill, PA)
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Data from the GCI radar scopes provided a big picture, while "F-106 scope film" provided precise information as to the parameters when WSEMs were "launched." F-104s provided their gun camera results, and the radar and infrared WSEM "Tapes were analyzed to determine if failure of the WSEM to acquire or track was because of target maneuvers at launch or after launch." Every pilot wrote his version of what happened during the sortie after he had heard from everyone else during the debriefing.
Indeed, "All F-106 pilots expressed enthusiasm for the confidence maneuvers and basic ACM because of superb aircraft response throughout the flight envelope." This project's findings were pretty positive: "The F-106 exhibited excellent performance response to all aerial combat maneuvers with no undesirable flight characteristics," and "The F-106 can perform all of the classic offensive and defensive maneuvers in a close-in fight." The WSEM's [weapons system evaluation missile] and the MA-1 fire control system performed pretty well considering that they were designed for finding, tracking, and shooting non-maneuvering bombers.
A WSEM was a missile that did not have a motor, but instead contained instrumentation to verify that it had been "fired" within the correct parameters.