WSFQWatts Sexual Function Questionnaire
WSFQWilson Sex Fantasy Questionnaire
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The pre test mean for HADS and WSFQ was 13.34 and 42.76 respectively.
The pre test mean of HADS and WSFQ was 11.90 and 54.70 respectively.
The p value for HADS was =0.916 and for WSFQ was=0.109 (Table 2).
Forty of the items on the SCC are taken directly from the Wilson Sex Fantasy Questionnaire (WSFQ; Wilson, 1988).
Four of the items included on the ROII-v2 were dropped as they were identical to those found on the WSFQ, or they could not be reworded to reflect POSCOG (e.g., any sexual act that I find disgusting).