WSGPWorld Sailplane Grand Prix (New Zealand)
WSGPWorkshop on Statistics in Genomics and Proteomics
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In this contribution, with benzoyl peroxide (BPO) as initiator and BA, ACO as grafting comonomer, the grafting polymerization of PP-g-(BA-co-ACO) was investigated by WSGP. The mechanism of the grafting polymerization is present in Scheme 1.
The WSGP championships, led by Mcferran, are innovating the way sports events operate by creating a real legacy and sustainable industry year-round in host countries, focusing on developing youth and helping the underprivileged.
For more information on WSGP or KDC and to learn more about sending representatives to compete in the World Skateboarding Championships, e-mail
Set on a custom-designed, world-class skate park and featuring the most comprehensive group of professional street and vert skaters from around the world, WSGP events offer one of the largest prize purses in the action sports industry.
WSGP CEO Tim McFerran is an expert in the skate events management industry.