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WSHWindows Scripting Host
WSHWater Sanitation and Health
WSHWorkstation Handler
WSHWindows Sockets Helper
WSHWeb Search by Host
WSHWindows Security Health Agent
WSHWestern State Hospital (various locations)
WSHWest Suffolk Hospital (UK)
WSHWeather Service Headquarters (US NOAA)
WSHWeb Site Host
WSHWorcester Shrub Hill (railway station; UK)
WSHWindows Security Health (Microsoft)
WSHWilloughby South High (Willoughby, Ohio)
WSHWeird Stuff Happens (polite form)
WSHWeak-Sense Hadamard
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Release date- 20082019 - Officials of Castell Project, Inc., a 5013 nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the careers of women professionals in the hospitality industry, today released its second annual 'WSH List,' a list of prominent female hoteliers and hospitality real estate executives ready with the background required to be dynamic speakers at the industry's numerous events.
'Last December, more than 19 per cent of Great Britain's electrical energy came from WSH,' says Dr Grant Wilson, Research Associate at the Environmental and Energy Engineering Research Group at the University of Sheffield.
In this, the fourth edition of Jerry Lee Ford, Jr.AEs comprehensive guide to programming in VBScript with the Windows Script Host (WSH) environment, the author presents readers with a guide designed to teach even those without any previous programming experience how to develop VBScripts using WSH.
WSH was a bad chapter and we ( Hockey India and I) have moved on," said Harendra.
The HI League will enjoy the affiliation of the International Hockey Federation (FIH), unlike the unauthorised WSH, the participants of which had to lock horns with their respective federations for taking part in the competition.
Top Pakistan players including Rehan Butt, Shakeel Abbasi, Zeeshan Ashraf, Mohammad Imran, Waseem Ahmed and Imran Warsi are participating in the WSH tournament.
WSH will see Indian and International players being allocated to multi-city franchise-based teams as per the internationally accepted and practiced draft system wherein they will showcase their talent in 61 scheduled matches with over 200 players participating in the event.
A total of 37, 37, and 42 alleles in the WSH, YJQ, and YCQ populations were observed, respectively, which indicated that YCQ possessed richer genetic diversity than WSH and YJQ (Table 2).
A scenario-based approach was applied for estimating diarrhoeal disease burden from unsafe WSH. Six exposure scenarios were defined based on the type of water and sanitation infrastructure and environmental faecal-oral pathogen load.
WSH, a unit of Wildy & Sons Ltd., is a publisher of over 60 books and references for the U.K.
Completely updated for VBScript 5.6, WSH 5.6, and ASP 3.0, the new edition includes introductory chapters to help readers keep current with the significant changes since the first edition was published.
Hockey India on Wednesday issued a list of 90 Indian players who have signed up for the league while there are other young and emerging players, including Gurjinder Singh, who are ready to part ways with the World Series Hockey ( WSH) and join the Hockey India League ( HIL).