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WSHPWater Source Heat Pump
WSHPWorker Safety and Health Program (US Department of Energy)
WSHPWest Seti Hydropower Project (Nepal)
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The second door with approximately 1400[m.sup.2] (15000 [ft.sup.2]) of area was separated based on the WSHP control on each zone.
As mentioned above, the air bypass locations can be divided into two types--locations that can be found only in VSWSHPs and locations that are common in all types of WSHPs. Table 10 shows that 44.889% of air was bypassing through gaps and holes that can be found only in VSWSHPs, and the rest (55.111%) of the air was bypassing through locations that can be identified in any type of WSHP.
The chiller and boiler were enabled throughout the year to provide either heating or cooling as selected on a room-by-room basis to completely equal the capabilities of the WSHP in System 2 and 3, as well as the room-by-room rooftop units in System 1.
In heating space and domestic water supply, heat is drawn out of the loop water by evaporating the refrigerant in each water-source heat pump (WSHP).
The three alternative HVAC systems considered in this work include a split DX system, a split air-source heat pump (ASHP) system, and a closed-loop WSHP. The split DX system with gas or electric for heating is the most common system type for apartment buildings (U.S.
Refrigeration systems in grocery stores with water-source heat pump systems (WSHP) can use water-cooled condensers, without an air-cooled condenser, so the entirety of heat rejected by the refrigeration system enters the tempered water circulating loop.
The second floor with approximately 1400 [m.sup.2] (15000 [ft.sup.2]) of area was separated based on the WSHP control on each zone.
During winter, two hot water boilers rated at 1,440,000 Btu/h (422 kW) output provided hot water to the WSHP system.
* The heating by hybrid heat pumps (HHP) that transfer heat to zones via a hot water coil instead of the conventional water source heat pumps (WSHP) that transfer heat by using the compressors.