WSIFWeb Services Invocation Framework
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This proposed solution uses Apache WSIF to execute software components in a flexible way without having to resort to a remote communication (i.e.
Then we must define WSIF bindings (2): binding type (specifying the target of the invocation, a Java class, EJB, JCA, etc), type mapping (for all complex types, simple types such as 'int' are mapped automatically) and operation mapping (where we must specify for each WSDL operation the corresponding operation in the target resource).
SS means Specific Service, CSwPG means Common Service with Proxy Generation and WI means WSIF Invocation.
The code of the SS solution must support reflection and WSIF architecture requires knowledge of the Apache framework.
The execution time is the time it takes to run a service iteration after registering the required bundles for the service (in both OSGi and WSIF cases).