WSJIEWall Street Journal Interactive Edition
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WSJIE editors are on top of the story from the moment the first details begin to emerge, posting a short item within a few minutes.
Every minute is a deadline; the edition is never complete -- not for any of the three shifts of staffers who work on WSJIE around the clock.
But the pressures on the WSJIE staff are different.
Dow Jones didn't intend for WSJIE to be a science fair project -- an expensive proof-of-concept demonstrating only that the publisher could successfully port its content onto the Web.
WSJIE is part of Dow Jones' three-pronged Web strategy.
The WSJIE uses "simple pricing," he said -- "$1500 a month to list as many jobs as they would like.
Current quotes and portfolio management will be accessible via a link to WSJIE.
DJI will unfold its two-prong Web integration strategy in 1998; it will include internal links among different sections and records of DJI content, as well as integrated links to external sites, including WSJIE and those from the Business Directory.
This gives WSJIE a predominantly black/white/gray color scheme, but it is stylish in a restrained way and visually pleasing, especially when compared to Web sites that are overloaded with garish and slow-to-display colors.
If WSJIE were nothing more than a real-time facsimile of the print paper, it would be valuable for its timeliness, but little else.
The Personal Journal is a user-customized version of WSJIE.
A Business Directory of some 300 business/finance Web sites * Links from the print WSJ (Throughout the print edition, stories are flagged for which extended coverage is found in WSJIE.