WSLCBWashington State Liquor Control Board
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Financial institutions serving the industry are required to adhere to appropriate WSLCB regulations, as well as practice the same due diligence and financial care they would with any other commercial account, Jarvis said.
WSLCB begins accepting applications for all license types.
Smith said that WSLCB used the Oregon program as a model.
We wanted to offer a better level of service to our 360 stores, which are made up of state owned stores, contract owned stores (a liquor section within a private store typically in an unincorporated area), military stores and tribal stores," says Gene Kremer, General Manager of WSLCB.
September: WSLCB begin accepting Producer, Processor and Retail License applications.
New liquor stores: The WSLCB will open six contract stores and two state stores.
Despite the challenges facing the agency, the WSLCB implemented some innovative new ideas while continuing to make strides in areas central to our mission.
To help balance the budget, the Legislature directed the WSLCB to raise the cost of alcohol in order to generate $80 million this biennium.
Work is underway on these initiatives, and recent developments have allowed the WSLCB to position itself to meet the demands of the dynamic 21st century business and social environment head on.
The public can send comments about the pilot to the WSLCB at tastingpilot@liq.
In fall 2006, the WSLCB launched a public education campaign targeting middle school students across Washington.
The WSLCB notified eligible independently owned stores in June, soliciting interest for the project.