WSLCBWashington State Liquor Control Board
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The WSLCB reports cannabis sales (retailer, producer and processor sales) of US$786 million for fiscal year 2016 increasing to US$1.37 billion for fiscal year 2017.
Acting on a complaint, WSLCB Enforcement conducted a premise check at the licensed location and observed numerous and substantial violations including full rooms of untagged plants, clones and finished product.
Financial institutions serving the industry are required to adhere to appropriate WSLCB regulations, as well as practice the same due diligence and financial care they would with any other commercial account, Jarvis said.
Recitals to Sedro-Wooley City Ordinance stating that WSLCB began accepting applications for 1-502 licenses on November 18, 2013.
WSLCB begins accepting applications for all license types.
According to Bri an Smith, communications director for the liquor board, WSLCB employees were on hand at the initial tastings and will be for each store's first event.
The WSLCB formerly operated in an outdated building, which utilized pushcarts, hand trucks and paper pick systems.
September: WSLCB begin accepting Producer, Processor and Retail License applications.
But that law was changed in a recent legislative session and the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) is testing the use of spirits tastings in a year-long pilot program involving 30 stores, of all three types, located across the state.
The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) is facing challenging but exciting times.
August 2010 marked my first year as Chair of the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB).
Like most states nationwide, the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) faces significant I new challenges in the foreseeable future due to the nation's economic situation.