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WSLSWisconsin Society of Land Surveyors
WSLSWisconsin Student Number Locator System
WSLSWestern Sierra Law School (est. 1979; San Diego, CA)
WSLSWeapon System Life Support
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mutans and Lactobacilli, (26) are responsible for lowering pH and causing WSLs around brackets within one month after bonding.
The dental caries starts commonly its demineralization process on the dental enamel surfaces presenting opaque and white colors called to this stage as a white spot lesion (WSL) [2].
In terms of orthodontics, while existing data do not appear to support the ozone application alone as prophylaxis against WSL development (7), one recent study has shown the instantaneous lethal effect of ozone against Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus acidophilus cultured from elastic ligatures.
Target: WCWJ in Jacksonville, Florida and WSLS in Roanoke, Virginia
Many WSLs do not understand the principles of fire control measures and controlling rates of fire.
Studying the relation between prevalence of WSLs and treatment duration show that prevalence was 74% for the first group with treatment durations less than one year, 85% for second group with treatment durations between one and two years, and 100% for the third group with treatment durations more than two years.
With several colleagues, I carried out the Wisconsin Scholars Longitudinal Study (WSLS), which randomly assigned first-time-in-college, low-income students up to $3,500 for each of their 10 semesters in four-year colleges.
12th evening news broadcast on WSLS 10 in Roanoke, Va.
She continued her reporting career in television, working for WDBJ, WSLS, WJPR and WSET, all based in the Roanoke/Lynchburg, Va.
Why the WSLs weren't the toast of trench fighters is open to discussion, but by the time the concept of a short and handy (if a bit heavy) semiautomatic carbine with medium range and intermediate power could be realized, the Sturmgewehr had taken the world by storm.
One urgent, 'very large' and potentially costly matter that he raised at the outset was the necessity for a national policy on War Service Land Settlement (WSLS), before the states began setting their own favourable agendas as they had done in 1918.