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Correlation matrix (n=20) for soil organic carbon and physical properties of the soil for the surface soil (0-0.15 m) layer BD, Bulk density; MWD, mean weight diameter; %WSMA, per cent water- stable macro-aggregates; SWR, soil water retention; WSA, water-stable aggregates SOC BD MWD % WSMA BD -0.70 ** MWD 0.60 ** -0.60 ** % WSMA 0.61 ** -0.58 ** 0.76 ** SMR (0.033 MPa) 0.75 ** -0.59 ** 0.82 ** 0.79 ** SMR (1.5 MPa) 0.72 ** -0.55 * 0.79 ** 0.78 ** WSA (>4mm) 0.82 ** -0.63 ** 0.85 ** 0.79 ** WSA (2-4 mm) 0.77 ** -0.54 ** 0.77 ** 0.67 ** SWR WSA 0.033 MPa 1.5 MPa (>4 nun) BD MWD % WSMA SMR (0.033 MPa) SMR (1.5 MPa) 0.98 ** WSA (>4mm) 0.96 ** 0.91 ** WSA (2-4 mm) 0.88 ** 0.81 ** 0.94 ** * P < 0.05; ** P < 0.01.
According to several respondents, the WSMA attempted to cooperate with these groups, but could not agree on a compromise position.
As previously noted, most respondents suggested that the HSA would not have been enacted absent WSMA support.
In particular, the WSMA was severely criticized for its earlier refusal to participate.
Yet in answer to the question, Should the WSMA support or oppose Initiative 119?
The leadership of the WSMA refused to accept the poll results as evidence that half the doctors in Washington supported the concept of physician aid-in-dying, arguing that doctors were willing to hold their noses and accept aid-in-dying only as a way to achieve other, less extreme changes in the law.
Wellness-sensitive medical admissions ("WSMAs") include heart attacks, diabetes-related health events, and other admissions that are, at least in part, reasonably attributable to poor lifestyle choices.
The figure also tracks the rate of WSMAs listed in the HERO Guide--hypertension, stroke, heart attack and diabetes--against the admissions rate for everything else.
If wellness works, the rate of these targeted WSMAs should be decreasing in the population exposed to wellness programs, even though many insured people lack access to them, at a rate higher than their decrease in the reference population.
All employers combined spend only $11.3 billion on WSMAs. (126) This means that only $4.8 billion--forty-two percent of employer spending on WSMAs--spent on WSMAs are spent on people with access to wellness programs.
(178) Wellness affects only a small number of WSMAs, and therefore can only affect a small percentage of all healthcare spending.