WSMISWeapon Systems Management Information System
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Until the Air Force completes the RBL and WSMIS system changes, Alternative 3, Minimum Adjusted Stock Level--Additive, best meets the AFSWPWG goal to find a way to maintain the proper RO without making a system change.
Since the kit reviews are at different times for different weapon systems and there is no systemic way to group kits or offset amounts by base, it is unclear whether the offset amounts are being properly determined and loaded into WSMIS. The kit requirements are computed by kit, not by base, yet the most accurate way of applying offsets is by base for common items.
The optimal alternative (that is, best long-term solution) is interfacing WSMIS and the D035E RBL system.
* WSMIS provides RSP data to RBL, and RBL then pushes RSP levels in addition to RBL-computed POS levels (this solution requires system changes).