WSMMWeb Switching Management Module (Foundry Networks, Inc.)
WSMMWeapon System Matrix Manager
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STRUCTURE OF PENSION PROVISION IN SWITZERLAND Needs-oriented pension provision Three-Pillar System Pillar 1 Pillar 2 State pension Occupational pension provision provision Securing of a minimum Maintenance of current standard of living standard of living AHV/IV Supplementary Compulsory Extramandatory benefits (EL) BVG/UVG pensions Pillar 3 Private pension provision Individual supplements Tied pension Flexible pension provision provision (Pillar 3a) (Pillar 3b) * with additional tax benefits August 2005 Sales Support MUCH WSMM
The Toolkit contains (among other things) Web Services Management Middleware for On Demand Services (WSMM) and Web Service Level Agreement for On Demand Services (WSLA).
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