WSMSWashington Safety Management Solutions LLC (Aiken, SC)
WSMSWhite Station Middle School (Memphis, TN)
WSMSWeb Site Management System
WSMSWeapon System Management Support
WSMSWarrior Systems Modernization Strategy
WSMSWeapons System Management Section (US Air Force)
WSMSWhere Skies Meet Shores (UK band)
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After all, many of the same critical variables exist today-inexperienced WSMs who are heavily tasked.
Furthermore, we focus on securing and authenticating WSMs from both directions (RSUs to OBUs and OBUs to RSUs).
It is estimated that only 45% of larger organizations have invested in automated WSMS controls (CSI 2011), putting them nowhere near the top 10 most used security technologies, while even fewer smaller organizations have invested in cost-effective automated wireless security solutions such as thin computing.
"Our tests show velocity losses of 160 to 180 fps when .300 WSM barrels are chopped from 24 to 20 inches.
These two scales (WSMS and F-COPES) were significantly correlated in this study (r=.35) and purport to measure constructs related to what has been described in empowerment literature as competence.
Some are already long gone, and others are just hanging on, but I think it's fair to say only the .300 WSM has achieved significant popularity.
Most WSMs only hold the position for 2 years at a base or in the case of Osan, 1 year.
Filling out the WSMs (Winchester Short Magnum) with a .325 is significant.
The Coyote is chambered for seven cartridges popular in the U.S., including .270 and .300 WSM. The barrel length is 22 inches, except in the WSMs, which have 24-inch barrels.