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WSMVWheat Streak Mosaic Virus
WSMVWatermelon Silver Mottle Virus
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Research suggests that HPV and WSMV most often co-infect wheat plants in these areas.
Stenger says wheat curl mites carrying WSMV can transmit it to wheat plants through feeding.
"They said I was forming bubbles in my lungs, which could have caused pneumonia, and they said if I would have waited a few more hours or maybe until the next morning if I would have made it, I would have had a stroke," she said, local daily ( WSMV reported.
"It's unlike anything we've ever seen." [Sources: Climate Central,]
WSMV, DISSEMINATED NATURALLY by the wheat curl mite, is an important disease in Canada, USA, and Europe, especially in areas where winter wheat is regularly grown (Slykhuis, 1955; Shawn and Hill, 1984; Bottacin and Nassuth, 1990).
"It's very frustrating, and it's frustrating sometimes that employees don't do what they're supposed to do," Sheriff Austin Swing said of Marshall's continuous escapes ( WSMV , a Nashville news station.
I'm tired of it, and I've had enough," the Daily Mail quoted Barbara Winfrey as telling WSMV TV in Nashville.
This disease is caused by Wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV), which is spread by the wheat curl mite (WCM), Aceria tosichella Keifer, syn.
THE WHEAT CURL MITE is an arthropod pest of wheat which vectors the Wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV) (Slykhuis, 1955; Nault and Styer, 1970).
Medium-Market Television: Erin Hayes and WSMV in Nashville, Tennessee, for investigative reporting, including stories on sewage overflows in Nashville that traced runoffs throughout the region, and an examination of restaurant inspections, and the lack of them.