WSoAWritten Statement of Action (UK)
WSoAWide-Swath Ocean Altimeter (NASA, space-based system for ocean surveying)
WSoAWinged Sprints on Asphalt (sprint car racing)
WSoAWeapon System Open Architecture (Boeing)
WSoAWaveStar OpticAir (Lucent)
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For over 10 years, WSOA has partnered with clients across a range of industries, including healthcare, hospitality, insurance, and retail.
Two objectives of this paper are concerned with reflectarrays for nadir looking dual-polarization dual-beam radar interferometers, such as the WSOA [2].
Figure 1 shows the geometry of an offset reflectarray and beam positions for different feed locations for an application such as the dual beam dual polarization nadir looking radar antenna used in interferometric mapping application WSOA [2].
For the WSOA geometry discussed in this paper, the fully planar reflectarray bandwidth limited by the path length differences is 8.92% according to the criterion specified in [14].
2.1 and 2.3 were applied to each of the panels of the PPPR in 3.1 and 3.2 respectively below for the electrically smaller WSOA type aperture (f/D = 1, D = 2.145 m, f = 13.285 GHz) so that the computational effort is substantially reduced.
Louis, MO), is working hard to bring such a capability to the battlefield under the Weapon System Open Architecture (WSOA) program, an effort aimed at developing an Internet-like connectivity between a command-and-control ([C.sup.2]) aircraft and strike assets.
In December 2002, the Lab's Information Directorate and Boeing conducted a series of flight demonstrations featuring the WSOA capability.
According the Kenneth Littlejohn, team leader at the AFRL's Information Directorate, the WSOA program demonstrated that it can indeed build a "bridge" to enable increased interoperability among [C.sup.2] and strike platforms.