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WSORWisconsin Southern Railroad
WSORWarwickshire Society of Referees (West Midlands, England, UK)
WSORWarfare System Operational Requirement
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Since the WSOR does not have access to this type of car, CSXT provides the cars, which are returned to Oshkosh, WI, for reloading.
"In addition to the development programme, it will enable us to produce a series of training videos, filmed during the programme, which can be used to assist in the training of a new generation of WSOR referees."
He said: "Three of our facilities, including the head office, are based in Warwickshire and we felt it was important to give something back to the community." He said recruiting and training new referees was vital and his firm was delighted to have pledged pounds 1,500 for WSOR to invest in community refereeing.