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Table 4 Tests of Intervention Effects on Physical Activity Repeated Measures ANOVA Source df Multivariate Partial p F [[eta].sup.2] Time 1, 57 1.54 .03 .22 Time X Group 1, 57 5.36 .09 .02 Simple Main Effects df F Partial p [[eta].sup.2] Dragon Boating Group 1, 30 5.47 * .15 .03 Control Group 1, 27 .73 .03 .40 Repeated Measures ANOVA Testing Changes in Experimental Group from Time 1-3 df F Partial p [[eta].sup.2] WSPAJ Vol.
Mentoring and Tutoring, Women Spoils and Physical Activity journal (WSPAJ), ICHPERD*$D Journal, Recreational Sports Journal, Health Education, and the Indiana IAHPERD Journal.
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