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WSPCWorld Scientific Publishing Company (est. 1981; Singapore)
WSPCWest Side Presbyterian Church (Seattle, WA)
WSPCWashington State Potato Commission
WSPCWorkforce Solutions of Providence/Cranston (Rhode Island)
WSPCWeapon System Partnership Committee
WSPCWuhan Steel Processing Company (China)
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The method used for determination of the sulfhydryl group content of WSPP and WSPC was adopted from Malik et al.
The colors of WSPP and WSPC were determined using the ColourQuest XE colorimeter (Hunter Lab., Hunter Assoc.
One gram of WSPP and WSPC was mixed with 9 mL of distilled water and stirred at 100 rpm for 10 min.
The solubility of WSPP and WSPC was determined at pH 1 to 11.
Briefly, the reaction mixture contained 5.4 mL of WSPP or WSPC at different concentrations and 0.6 mL of 0.8 mM DPPH in 95 % ethanol.
where [A.sub.control] is the absorbance of the assay without sample and [A.sub.sample] is the absorbance in the presence of the WSPP or WSPC.
The reaction mixture contained 0.15 mL of WSPP or WSPC at different concentrations and 2.85 mL of [ABTS.sup.*+] solution.
The yield and extraction efficiency of water-soluble protein from grasshoppers, WSPP and WSPC, are shown in Table 1.
The color and pH of WSPP and WSPC are shown in Table 1.
The surface hydrophobicity of WSPC and WSPP was found to be 22.59 [+ or -] 0.22 and 15.92 [+ or -] 0.21, respectively (Table 1).
The total sulfhydryl content and free sulfhydryl content of WSPC (1.06 and 0.48 [micro]mol/g) was comparable with WSPP (1.14 and 0.48 [micro]mol/g) (Table 1).
Protein patterns and molecular weight distribution of WSPP and WSPC analyzed by SDS-PAGE using 10% separating gel under reducing and non-reducing conditions are shown in Figure 1.