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WSPGWhite Sands Proving Ground (changed to White Sands Missile Range in 1958)
WSPGWestern Sydney Peace Group (Australia)
WSPGWorld Series Perfect Game (baseball)
WSPGWhite Sands Pioneer Group (New Mexico)
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WE'RE THE PRESS GANG Shane Duggan (left) says Limerick's plan is to pressure opponents into giving up the ball quickly this season WSpg
Treatment means pooled across slope position for the number of species, warm-season perennial grasses (WSPG), perennial grasses (PG), annual grasses (AG), legumes (LEG), annual forbs (AF), perennial forbs (PF), and total plant number (Total) from surface and incorporated yard- waste compost and a no compost control from 2003-2005 in a native prairie seeding on a construction embankment near Altoona, Iowa.