WSPLWeb Services Policy Language
WSPLWojskowa Specjalistyczna Przychodnia Lekarska (Polish: Military Specialized Medical Clinic)
WSPLWashington State Premier League (soccer)
WSPLWellman-Scofield Public Library (Wellman, IA)
WSPLWest Seattle Public Library (Seattle, WA)
WSPLWalworth Seeley Public Library (Walworth, NY)
WSPLWhite Settlement Public Library (White Settlement, TX)
WSPLWest Salem Public Library (Salem, OR)
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The assigned ratings of WSPL also take into account considerable market penetration of its two brands, Waves and Singer within the consumer durable industry of Pakistan.
CRISIL believes that WSPL will benefit over the medium term from its promoters' extensive industry experience and healthy demand from the end-user industry.
WSPL, established in 1997, manufactures sheet metal press stamping parts for the auto industry.
Purchase and supply of medical equipment - tympanometer for wspl spzoz in ustka
Contract awarded for Purchase and delivery of medical equipment-videodermatoscope for wspl spzoz in ustka
size or scope of the contract: The contract is: Execution of project documentation for the Military Medical Specialist Clinic Independent Public Health Care Centre in Koszalin for three construction projects: Task 1: Development of project documentation for the project .: Thermal modernization, renovation roofing and facades, insulation work and electrical reconstruction and registration of waiting for patients in the building WSPL SP Health Care Centre in Koszalin in the author%s supervision.