WSPTWriting Sample Placement Test (education)
WSPTWeighted Shortest Processing Time
WSPTWestchester Square Physical Therapy (Bronx, NY)
WSPTWeb Server Printing Toolkit (software)
WSPTWarwick Symbolic Play Test (child development)
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In any optimal sequence for problem 1 [absolute value of [d.sub.i]] = d] BTP, the tardy jobs with start time greater than or equal to d must be sequenced in WSPT ordering.
The early jobs can be processed in any order, while, according to Theorem 5,tardyjobs that start at or after the due date must be processed according to WSPT numbering.
Swap moves (k = 2): it identifies randomly two jobs from two different machines and places each one in the WSPT order after swapping their assignments.
1974], and the WSPT rule (weighted shortest processing time first) is known to achieve a worst-case performance ratio of ([square root of 2] + 1)/2 [Kawaguchi and Kyan 1986].
Examples show that the performance ratio of ([square root of 2] + 1)/2 of the WSPT rule in deterministic scheduling does not generalize to the stochastic setting.