WSRLWeb Services Relationships Language (Extensible Markup Language)
WSRLWisconsin Survey Research Laboratory (University of Wisconsin; Madison, WI)
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In connection with the inspection cycle of 7 years for electrical, WSRL chooses to enter into a framework agreement for over 4 years.
Total quantity or scope: The work consists of inspecting the electrical installations of WSRL accordance with the current NEN 3140 and the additional current standards BS 1010, BS EN IEC 61439 and BS EN IEC 60204.
WSRL intends with one (1) lot by lot to enter into a Framework Agreement for a period of two (2) years with the possibility of the agreement twice (2) to one (1) year extension under the same terms and conditions.
DAS offers you, if you are admitted to the system, the opportunity every time WSRL announces its intention to award a contract, compete for this assignment.