WSRWWestern Sahara Resource Watch
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Hagen says WSRW would consider approaching investors again.
(162) The WSRW tracks Morocco's shipments of phosphates from the Western Sahara and identifies firms that import what the WSRW considers to be exploited phosphates.
In 2005, Yara, a large firm in the Norwegian phosphate industry, proved that it is sensitive to reputational threats when it halted its phosphate imports from the Bou Craa mine because of pressure from the WSRW. (169) Yara later announced that it would refrain from purchasing Western Saharan phosphates, adding that Yara hopes that the country "will be liberated one day, and then the inhabitants will benefit if we can receive their phosphate quickly." (170) Firms across the United States and China probably will react similarly and alter undesirable behaviors if NGOs begin identifying their unsustainable practices.
Two NGOs that may fulfill the role of forcing firms into roundtable participation are the WSRW and WWF.
(246) And WSRW has proven to the phosphate industry that even the most remote of industry activity, mining in the middle of the Sahara Desert, can be tracked and exposed.
26, 2010, 9:10 AM), [hereinafter No More Mosaic] (giving an example of a firm that changed its illegal practices after they were recognized by the Western Sahara Research Watch (WSRW)).
(162.) See No More Mosaic, supra note 16 (giving one example of a firm that changed its illegal practices after it was recognized by the WSRW).
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