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WSSWindows Sharepoint Services (Microsoft)
WSSWeb Services Security (OASIS)
WSSWater Supply and Sanitation (various organizations)
WSSWest Side Story (musical by Leonard Bernstein)
WSSWavelength Selective Switch (Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer)
WSSWorldwide Securities Services (J.P. Morgan)
WSSWhite Sulphur Springs (West Virginia)
WSSWide-Sense Stationary
WSSWeb Storage System (Microsoft)
WSSWheel Speed Sensor
WSSWorkstation Server
WSSWhat She Said (blog)
WSSWide Screen Signaling
WSSWall Street Systems (software company)
WSSWork Smart Standards
WSSWeaver - Smith Syndrome
WSSWrinkly Skin Syndrome
WSSWorld Spine Society
WSSWeighted Spectral Slope
WSSWar Savings Stamp (WWII-era US Treasury Department)
WSSWhy So Sad
WSSWireless Subscriber System
WSSWeight Sensing System
WSSWeapons Storage Site
WSSWatch Station Standards
WSSWeather Squadron (USAF)
WSSWebSphere Application Server Standard (IBM)
WSSWinston-Salem Southbound Railway Company
WSSWorkplace Self-Service
WSSWeb Service Scheduler
WSSWDS Satellite Simulation
WSSWeapon System Simulation
WSSWide Space Systems
WSSWeighted Signal Subspace
WSSWestern Swing Society (Sacramento, California)
WSSWang Station Sets
WSSWarfare/Weapons Support System
WSSWorongary State School (Worongary, Australia)
WSSWait State Selection
WSSWelded Special Sections (structural steel)
WSSWorkstations Software System
WSSWoongoolba State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
WSSWell Stimulation Services
WSSWeb Services Symposium
WSSWindaroo State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
WSSWeather Subscription Server
WSSWholesale Shipping System
WSSWideband Stereo Signal
WSSWest State School (Gladstone, QLD, Australia)
WSSWorld Social Summit (debate)
WSSWater System Security
WSSWeb Self Service (various organizations)
WSSWeekly Statistical Supplement
WSSWater and Sanitation Services (various locations)
WSSWeapons Standardization Section (US Air Force)
WSSWafer Support System (various organizations)
WSSWeb Security Suite (various companies)
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l Institutional and financing structures for district and provincial towns WSS.
NAVSUP WSS relies on many commercial partners to support a variety of weapon systems or individual repair part components.
Household WSS (individual unit) and community WSS (aggregate unit) are two major types of water systems in urban areas of Pakistan [Haydar, et al.
Part of the title for this paper has been taken from the following passage in the WSS document: Women and men's lives are different, and therefore their experiences, needs, issues and priorities are also different.
WSS retained Consultedge to design and implement a communications system that would effectively meet the firm's multiple goals.
PowerTerm Host Publisher's inclusion in the SCOx WSS is a key element in helping SCO customers, resellers and developers easily unlock the power of their mission-critical legacy applications and integrate it with other applications via the Web.
MLC Cymru manager, Gwyn Howells, outlined the WSS achievements during what has been an exceedingly difficult year for farming.
It is certain from the authors cited above that WSS involves several variables including basic social skills, skills in interaction with seniors, fellow workers, and subordinates, and skills in handling specific work situations.
The current iteration of WSS utilizes augmented reality to turn a shopper's webcam into a real-time interactive mirror.
com/research/nth65v/roadm_wss) has announced the addition of the "ROADM WSS Component - Global Strategic Business Report" report to their offering.
Paul Verrastro, Commander, NAVSUP WSS, to the students during the kick-off.
The event was also attended by Lilyana Pavlova, Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, and her deputy Dobromir Simidchiev, who is in charge of the WSS sector.