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WSSCWashington Suburban Sanitary Commission
WSSCWashington State Supreme Court (judiciary)
WSSCWater Supply and Storage Company
WSSCWeb Services Secure Conversation (Oasis)
WSSCWestern States Sign Council (Phoenix, AZ)
WSSCWeather Systems Support Cadre
WSSCWeapon System Support Code
WSSCWomen for a Social Security Choice
WSSCWavelength Selective Switch Included (Siemens)
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The joint operation was supervised by WSSC CEO Noor Qasim Khan and cantonment executive officer Arslan Haider.
The WSSC segment reported second quarter revenue of $115.5 million compared with $112.4 million in 2018.
The WSSC exhorts all schools in the world to plant trees every year until 2025, with the ultimate goal of neutralizing the 3 million tons of carbon dioxide emitted daily.
Manager Media WSSC Asima Ali and Assistant Manager Solid Waste Fakhar Alam created awareness about importance of washing hands, taking daily bath and cleaning teeth.
He assured to resolve the government land issue in the district as well as provide funds for the WSSC project.
And he created standardised operating procedures to ensure that WSSC leveraged repeatable processes.
WSSC's additional one-year extension allow assess services of its cast iron, ductile iron and steel water mains in its water distribution network via Echologics' ePulse technology.
WSSC compresses the coefficient [Z.sub.ij] corresponding to the data points [x.sub.i] by introducing a weight depending on the spatial distance between [x.sub.i] and [x.sub.j].
The Chief Minister also ordered forming Board of Directors for divisional level Water and Sanitation Services Companies (WSSC) immediately.
We've added several features to the issue to complement our annual Outlook, including a look at how Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), one of the nation's largest and oldest public utilities, applied best-in-class procurement practices from the private sector to deliver big savings to its bottom line.
The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), Mike's first serious job after high school and the army (being drafted during the Vietnam War and serving stateside testing ordinance at the Dugway Proving Ground), materialized during the early stages of the I/I trenchless industry.
There is also some disparity in the official distance, the WSSC gives the distance as 630 nautical miles, the CYCA's official distance for the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race is 628 nautical miles, amended from 630 nautical miles some years back.