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WSSDWorld Summit on Sustainable Development (UN)
WSSDWorld Summit for Social Development
WSSDWebsphere Studio Site Developer
WSSDWork Skills Series Manual Dexterity
WSSDWeapon System Support Development
WSSDWorkshop on Software Specification and Design (forum)
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Wave Centre of Positive WSSD ([WSSD.sup.+]), Negative WSSD ([WSSD.sup.-]), and [absolute value of WSS].
Being a second-order derivative of velocity, WSSD needs a highly accurate scheme to compute.
But though many were disposed to see the unexpected limits to NGO participation as an honest mistake, few were surprised that non-governmental, non-corporate voices suffered exclusion from WSSD. As early as the May-June preparatory meeting in Bali (Prepcom IV), environmental and social justice activists debated whether Johannesburg would even be worth attending.
Bent on pushing a free trade agenda at the expense of WSSD's claimed goals of environmental protection and poverty alleviation, the Bush administration incessantly endorsed inclusion in the WSSD's draft Plan of Implementation (the official policy which the summit was intended to generate) of voluntary targets, unspecified deadlines, and so-called "Type 2" agreements--in which business makes voluntary pacts with government and NGOs, usually to business' benefit.
In all the 18 whistle stops the train was greeted with music and dance in lively ceremonies in which the Peace Torch was lighted, speeches delivered on peace and sustainable development, and a contribution to the WSSD delivered to the torch bearers.
The Johannesburg WSSD, frequently referred to as Earth Summit II or Rio+1O, met under the theme, "People, Planet and Prosperity." Like everything else at the summit, that was a complete sham; the real theme was "Power, Power, Power." This is nakedly evident from the plain text of the summit documents, from the rhetoric of the main summit participants, and from the actions of the rapidly developing UN leviathan.
Coming ten years after the first world summit in Rio de Janeiro, the upcoming WSSD is an excellent opportunity for youth voices to be heard.
At the WSSD, Canada, with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UNEP, proposed the Health and Environment Linkages Initiative (UNEP 2002).
Sustainable development flop or not, the WSSD earned more than R8bn for South Africa's local economy.
Both Baker and Prescott expressed interest in the recently floated idea of creating a small consultation group of countries with the United Nations and South Africa, which are chairing the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), from Aug.
Women from around the world gathered recently in Johannesburg, South Africa, for the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), held 26 August-4 September 2002.
of Epson Eb-2247u Projector with 5 years Comprehensive Warranty for CA(WSSD) Department for daily office work.