WSSFWeb Service Software Factory (Microsoft development tool)
WSSFWorld Ski & Snowboard Festival
WSSFWest of Scotland Seniors Forum (UK)
WSSFNational Weather Service Support Facility
WSSFWeapons System Security Flight (USAF)
WSSFWork Station Support Function (OSF)
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Patronized by internationally renowned artist Sting, theWorld Sufi Spirit Festival (WSSF) will play host to some of the leading exponents of Sufi from across the borders this year.Close on the heels of AbeerNehme, the festival has also roped in acclaimed artists from Azerbaijan, Iran, Morocco, Tajikistan and Canada.
The closing session of the WSSF will be held today, while the ISSA council and bureau will hold their 35th session and 109th meeting respectively on Friday in Doha.
With the goal of broadening its national support efforts, the WSSF has changed the direction and scope of its activities.
The WSSF has been conducting a series of introductory courses for women throughout the country called "A Day at the Range." These courses introduce novices to the fun and excitement of the shooting sports.
Taking this a step further, WSSF plays host to some of the leading exponents of Sufi from across the borders year after year!
Snyder previously worked for the WSSF part-time while she trained and competed.
Simply this: When the WSSF first contacted the MMM, there were gun rights activists who chastised the National Shooting Sports Foundation (parent group of WSSF) for trying to work with "those antigunners." Lake poor chess players, they couldn't see several moves ahead.
The World Social Security Forum (WSSF), taking place in Doha from November 10 to 15, will be the largest international meeting of social security policy-makers and senior managers representing government ministries, national social security administrations and international organisations from more than 120 countries.
The Women's Shooting Sports Foundation (WSSF) tells us that women own 9 percent of all firearms in the United States.
Qatar will host the World Social Security Forum (WSSF) /International Social Security Association (ISSA) in Doha from November 10 to 15, to address some of the major issues facing social protection systems worldwide.
Shawna Thomas has been hired for the new position of marketing, director for WSSF. Thomas will be responsible for national and local media relations, marketing of programs and production of marketing materials.
The offer came from the Women's Shooting Sports Foundation (WSSF).