WSSFWeb Service Software Factory (Microsoft development tool)
WSSFWorld Ski & Snowboard Festival
WSSFWest of Scotland Seniors Forum (UK)
WSSFNational Weather Service Support Facility
WSSFWeapons System Security Flight (USAF)
WSSFWork Station Support Function (OSF)
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The closing session of the WSSF will be held today, while the ISSA council and bureau will hold their 35th session and 109th meeting respectively on Friday in Doha.
With the goal of broadening its national support efforts, the WSSF has changed the direction and scope of its activities.
The WSSF has been conducting a series of introductory courses for women throughout the country called "A Day at the Range.
Giving both the national as well as international artists a common ground to learn and discover rich Sufi traditions prevalent worldwide, WSSF has created a platform for the artists to perform and collaborate seamlessly.
Snyder previously worked for the WSSF part-time while she trained and competed.
Before joining WSSF, Thomas worked in fundraising and development at Workout Ltd.
We assumed when they initially said the march was about firearms safety, they truly meant it, so we offered to help," said Shari LeGate, executive director for WSSF.
Women enjoy talking to other women about the shooting sports, and the women at WSSF or BOW might be able to answer questions that don't fall into your area of expertise.
Finally, support organizations like the WSSF, BOW, AWARE and the NRA.
The Annie Oakley Award will be bestowed annually to the person or organization that is a prime example of the goals and mission of WSSF, and the spirit, dedication and character of Annie Oakley.
What makes this program so unique is that WSSF is there to support dealers every step of the way.
WSSF created A Day at the Range to bring more women to the shooting sports and to help individual facilities attract new members.