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WSSGWeb Strategy and Steering Group
WSSGWeb Services Study Group
WSSGWall Shear Stress Gradient (cardiovascular medicine)
WSSGWorkstation Software Support Group
WSSGWeb Services Study Group (Canada)
WSSGWood Supply Systems Group (Mississippi State University)
WSSGWhite Sorghum Spent Grain (agricultural science)
WSSGWeapon System Support Group
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An interesting finding is observed about the behaviour of WSSG to different rheological models.
Figure 8 shows a comparative behaviour of WSSG in a healthy vessel under the influence of variations in flow rates.
Behaviour of WSST does not hold similar to that of WSSG for Quemada model.
And it is very well justified from the pattern of WSSG as tabulated in Table 3.
Recent study has shown that the combination of high [absolute value of WSS] and high WSSG may result in the aneurysm rupture.