WSSHWonderland Samoyed Safe Haven (Otisville, MI)
WSSHWhite Sands Space Harbor, New Mexico (NASA Space Shuttle)
WSSHWater Soluble Somatic Hyphal (immunology)
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Spanish/Mexican: SBS RegMex 2.4-2.6-2.9 and SpCHR KXOL 1.6; Univision RegMex KSCA 3.0-3.1-2.8, AdultHits KRCD/KRCV 2.3-2.4-2.6; Liberman Broadcasting RegMex KBIE Trimulcast 2.2-2.7-2.6, Ranchero KHJ .9, SpHits KWIZ .8; EntravisionSpAdHits KLYY 2.6-1.4-2.4, SpCHR WSSH .9.
WssA and WssJ are MinD-like homologues and may be responsible for the correct spatial localization of the Wss cellulose synthase complex at the cell poles as is the case for the K12 YhjQ-BcsQ WssA homologue [75], and WssF is predicted to provide acyl groups to WssG, WssH, and WssI which share homology with the AlgF, AlgI, and AlgJ alginate acetylation proteins of P.