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WSSSWater: Systems, Science and Society (Tufts University; Medford, MA)
WSSSChangi Airport, Singapore (ICAO code)
WSSSWisconsin Singer/Songwriter Series (Mequon, WI)
WSSSWest Spring Secondary School (Singapore)
WSSSWWMCCS Standard System Software
WSSSWeather Support Subsystem
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In the case of network equipment or optical link failure, this system calculates restoration paths and sets up WSSs.
Some (19) have expressed doubts about the effectiveness of rights talk to provide imaginative language for thinking about new community economies and thus deny that the UN's recognition of the HRtWS has led to a significant improvement in the conditions of people whose access to WSSs is limited.
The Joint Commission also noticed case-specific issues increased the likelihood for WSSs. They included:
The study of WSSs was considered an integral part of the wellbeing of these communities.
In order to effectively apply a TPC algorithm to WSSs, we must overcome many challenges such as high radio attenuation on the human body, the placement of sensor nodes, and human movement [1][2].
The report added that out of 202 WSSs in the Chakwal district, only 21 percent were supplying safe water from the sources.
'The Wales Specialist Support Service (WSSS) provides expert advice to front-line advisers and solicitors on issues such as housing, debt and welfare benefits.
[[tau].sub.l] = [[tau].sub.h] * (W + WSE) + 2100 + 2200 + 3000 / WSSS + WSE + 3000] x 100 (6)
The Warwickshire Stop Smoking Service (WSSS) is offering help to those who want to follow the example of the 11,000 reformed smokers it has already helped.
Household disposable income was proxied by total compensation of employees (WSSS).
WSSE = compensation per business sector employee; that is (WSSS- CGW)/EEP, where WSSS is total compensation of employees, CGW is compensation of government employees, and EEP is dependent employment of the business sector [total employment (ET) minus self-employment (ES) minus government employment (EG)].