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WSSTWisconsin Society of Science Teachers
WSSTWashington State Sales Tax
WSSTWindowed Sum Squared Table
WSSTWebster Step Second-Test (neurology)
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Behaviour of WSST does not hold similar to that of WSSG for Quemada model.
Figure 9 shows a comparative behaviour of WSST in a healthy vessel at different flow rates.
Figure 10 shows a comparative behaviour of WSST in a diseased vessel under the influence of variations in flow rates.
It is observed that magnitude of WSST in axial direction is more than that in radial direction in both cases.
However, WSST is found to be flow-driven parameter because the function itself is a transient function.
Abbreviations CA: Carotid artery LCA: Left carotid artery RCA: Right carotid artery WSS: Wall shear stress EC: Endothelial cell DH: Dominant harmonic ICA: Internal carotid artery CT: Computerised tomography MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging TAWSS: Time averaged wall shear stress OSI: Oscillatory shear index WSST: Temporal gradient of WSS.
Caption: Figure 9: Graphical representation of WSST distribution in healthy blood vessel at different Re I, II, and III.
Caption: Figure 10: Graphical representation of WSST distribution in diseased blood vessel at different Re II and III.
Wang's point of view, she considered WSST very useful in helping her develop confidence in getting along with others.
After WSST, the case manager followed the principle of rapid job search by immediately encouraging Ms.
It was because of the skills she learned through WSST which were further upgraded and polished by the case manager.
By teaching interview skills and techniques needed in maintaining good working relationships with her co-workers through WSST and the follow-up support, she not only became more competent in her job seeking attempts, but also more capable of coping with interpersonal conflicts in the workplace.