WSTIPWashington State Transit Insurance Pool
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WSTIP provided detailed information for the most severe crash that involved a fixed-route transit bus whose driver passed out from an apparent heart attack in March 1999.
The following is a summary of WSTIP database findings:
The WSTIP database provided valuable information on wheelchair riders, although the cases occurred aboard paratransit vans and not transit buses.
A more recent study reported that wheelchair riders account for 3 to 10 percent of passenger incidents [27], while comprising only 0.24 percent of the general ridership (WSTIP analysis).
Many thanks to Larry Schneider, UMTRI, who provided valuable information and critique for this article; Dan Blower, UMTRI, who participated in the g-level event analysis and helped with FARS coding; Charles Compton, who assisted with UMTRI GES coding; Yossary Elzohairy, Ontario MOT, who provided both data and generous technical assistance; John Fabian, who provided case studies from the NYSDOT; and Al Hatten, who provided a spreadsheet of data from the WSTIP.