WSYWorkstation System Division
WSYWestern Shiprepair Yard (Klaipeda, Lithuania)
WSYWest Shore YMCA (various locations)
WSYWhat Say You?
WSYWord Sync
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The first data set is for the exploitation of the currency demand approach: RCM2 is real currency in circulation to money supply (M2) ratio, TY is the average tax calculated as direct taxes on income expressed as a percentage of GNP, WSY is the share of wages and salaries in GNP, IR is one-year nominal interest rate on saving deposits, INF is the growth rate of consumer price index and PGNP is the real per capita GNP.
"You get children born with milk allergies and there can be genetic links, but often it's about exposure ippafa of wsy to imp to chemicals we're not meant to be exposed to.
Pre-Qualification: Offers from new vendors can be considered only after establishing the quality of their products ( by wsy of providing samples etc ) credentials, (both technical & financial ) and fulfillment of our vendor registration proceedings