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WT2Weapons Technician Second Class (Naval Rating)
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It ships off with a charging case that breaks into two, each one houses the WT2 translator.
The compact dimensions of the WT1 and WT2 make them an ideal choice for electrical panel automation applications.
Specimen Moisture Diameter/mm Height/mm Modulus of name content/% elasticity/GPa WT1 0.78 48.94 87.78 14.76 WT2 1.07 48.14 88.78 12.74 WT3 1.36 48.52 88.12 9.21 Specimen Uniaxial compressive name strength/MPa WT1 17.10 WT2 15.63 WT3 12.13 Table 2 Creep test results of coal specimens.
Three (0.4%) isolates had MUT1 band indicating mutation at codon C15T, along with presence of all WT bands and 3 (0.4%) had MUT3A band indicating mutation at T8C, along with simultaneous presence of both WT1 and WT2 bands.
WT1 (N87) was the commonest of all wild types, 30.2% (n=49), followed by WT2 (N87) with 7.4% (n=12).
The compressor power consumption was measured with a Yokogawa WT2 l 0 electric power transducer with an estimated error of [+ or -] 3%.
Wait Time 2 (WT2) is defined as the duration of the pause after a student utterance, such as the pause that follows a student's response to a question.
Australia and StudioCanal, of a WT2 production in association with WBP.
In the winter term, four classes were assigned as control classes (WC1, WC2, WC3, WC4), and two classes were treatment classes whose instructors and students used the MAP applets (WT1, WT2).
(WT2) For some times [t.sub.1] and [t.sub.2], where [t.sub.2] [greater than or equal] [t.sub.1], and for some non-actual act A: I am able, at [t.sub.1], to do A at [t.sub.2], and, were I to do A at [t.sub.1], a law would have been broken prior to [t.sub.1] (and hence the past-relative-to-[t.sub.1] would have been different).
PDM Interval = [F1(wt1) + F2(wt2) + F3(wt3) + F4(wt4) + F5(wt5)]