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WTEC said that the tender required the provision of proven oxidation gasifier technology that could handle a large spectrum of waste streams, with its latest technology, the Mobile Gasification System (MGS) deemed to be the "the right fit".
"WTEC builds a variety of gasification systems capable of processing .05 to 500 tons of waste per day.
After realising that social enterprise could be used as a means of funding and supporting this valuable work with vulnerable and exs cluded women, Claire Dove, founder of WTEC, pushed for intensive development and growth.
In July 2000 the Further Education Funding Council's (FEFC) awarded WTEC a Grade 1 for its educational provision.
Following Asianux success in Mobile products in 2008, the Asianux Consortium continues expanding in Asia and welcomes new member, WTEC of Thailand, at the end of a harvest year.
With WTEC joining them, Asianux further solidifies its position in the Linux for Enterprise OS market in Asia and enhances its contribution on a worldwide basis.
FUN TIME: Free parent and child internet sessions are popular at WTEC