WTFRWanted Total Fertility Rate (beneficial population growth)
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Note that wTFR and uTFR are the simple sum of age-specific rates.
One might ask whether the conditional rates provide a portrait of fertility decline that differs from that provided by the conventional wanted and unwanted rates (wTFR and uTFR).
Table 1 Decomposition of Fertility Change: Conventional Decomposition (a) Percentage Contribution to Inter-Survey Fertility Change Multi-Country (n = 44) Median 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Due to Wanted Fertility 74 50 104 Due to Unwanted Fertility 26 -4 50 Pakistan 1975-2006 1975-1991 1991-2006 Due to Wanted Fertility 55 20 94 Due to Unwanted Fertility 45 80 6 Total 100 100 100 (a.) Based on: TFR = wTFR + uTFR.