WTJWar Times Journal (online magazine; Irvine, CA)
WTJWestminster Theological Journal (est. 1938)
WTJWreck This Journal
WTJWhat the Jonas (Jonas Brothers; band)
WTJWirral Trade Justice (Wirral, England)
WTJWinning Team Joiner (gaming slang)
WTJWaiting Time Jitter
WTJWest Texas Jeeps
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At this time, we were collaborating with a colleague of one of us (WTJ) from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Duke University, Dr.
Stephen Baumann, a neurophysiologist at the University of North Carolina, was setting up tests for micro-PK at Spring Creek Institute in Chapel Hill, a non-profit company founded by researchers WTJ, Edward F.
WTJ and one of his graduate students (Randall Takemoto-Hambleton) were assembling a piece of equipment in the second laboratory room during the flight and crash of the wrench.
WTJ (Joines, 1975; see also Roll & Persinger, 1998) has extended this line of thinking in his proposal that psi energy, like electromagnetism and sound energy, is transmitted in waves.
During an RSPK investigation, WTJ (Joines, 1975) detected a spherical region of space which emitted radiation at a frequency of 146 MHz.
The similarity of most of these values to WTJ's observation is suggestive.
Although WTJ's idea made WGR feel that he was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the question remained how a sufficiently intense psi wave to account for object-movements could be generated.
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