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WTLSWireless Transport Layer Security
WTLSWest Tennessee Legal Services (non-profit law firm; Jackson, TN)
WTLSWireless Transaction Layer Security (Wireless Application Protocol)
WTLSWest Texas Library System (Lubbock, TX)
WTLSWireless Telephony Layer Security (encryption method)
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Savas, "Performance Evaluation of Public-Key Cryptosystem Operations in WTLS Protocol," Eighth IEEE Int.
WTLS Plus combines Certicom's ECC, SSL, and embedded platform expertise to offer a highly efficient security solution designed specifically for wireless environments.
Still, WTLS only works if both sides of a WAP conversation (proxy server and WAP phone) have it installed.
The incompatibility between WTLS and SSL makes the system vulnerable.
RSA BSAFE WTLS 1.0 is designed to provide a complete WTLS-compliant protocol component developers can use to more quickly and easily build security into their WAP-enabled (Wireless Application Protocol) products and applications.
The network build by World Telecom Labs (WTL) and Tanzania MVNO Amotel in rural Tanzania is now live, with residents in 3 remote villages able to make calls and use the internet for the first time.
The network put up by World Telecom Labs (WTL) and AMOTEL in rural Tanzania has gone live.
As part of the agreement Lucent will also be able to offer Certicom's security products, such as its WTLS Plus for WAP implementations, Security Builder cryptographic toolkit, Trustpoint PKI products and Mobile Trust managed certificate service as part of its MiLife Mobile ISP system.
The contract is the delivery of goods to ensure construction activities of the project protection against natural disasters and flooding in the border area Horna Orava Project ID WTLS.01.02.00-82-168/10.00.
Other features include unique user identification, V110 dial-up connection and 128-bit and WTLS security.
Under the agreement the companies will embed Diversinet's WTLS root certificate, which is compliant with the WAP Forum's Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) specification, into Openwave's UP.Browser microbrowser.
Features will include encryption above the WTLS protocol level at the application layer to make the system 'wireless provider independent' and an ability for either the telco or the bank/e-commerce provider to locate and administer the WAP server to avoid security risks.