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WTMDWalk Through Metal Detector
WTMDWake Turbulence Mitigation for Departures (joint project)
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The EESC's objections focus on (1) the lack of alternative screening methods offered to passengers, (89) (2) the legal justifications for exposing passengers to potentially harmful doses of ionizing radiation, (90) (3) concern that the EC has not conducted an adequate proportionality test that weighs the need to adopt the use of security scanners with other relevant factors, (91) and (4) the EC's suggestion that security scanners can replace existing methods of screening like searches by hand and WTMD. (92)
(124) Although Roberts had passed through a WTMD without triggering the alarm, a TSA official informed him that he had to remove his shoes for WBI scanning.
Walk-through metal detectors (WTMDs) are used to enhance security in correctional facilities around the world.
In January 2003, NIJ released a new standard to establish performance requirements and testing methods for WTMDs. The standard was developed for NIJ by the Office of Law Enforcement Standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
5-11, Ap 19, Sector 5 bucharest 020 881 romania phone: +40 314216354 e-mail: Ion.tomescu@gmail.com, Ion.tomescu@businessplus.ro fax: +40 314170238 nuts code : Ro321 internet address: Http://www.businessplus.ro contractor is an sme: No v.2.4) information on value of contract (s) (excluding vat) (do you agree with publication Yes) initial estimated total value of the contract: 530 000.00 ron total amount of the contract / lot: 250 000.00 ron v.2.5) information about subcontracting v.2.6) price paid for opportunity purchases section v: Award of the contract contract no: 14 lot no: 1 title: Lot 1: Wtmd metal detector gates, The latest standard; Portable metal detectors hhmd; Rx dual view equipment, Medium size with leds and installed type; ...
Finavia is also looking for an appropriate management software, interfaces and design & engineering work to be used to manage wtmds. The offered equipment must have one or more authorization given by appropriate aviation security authority in the use of wtmd in aviation security.
Tenders are invited for seeks walk-through metal detectors (wtmd), hand held metal detectors (hhmd), as well as support, accessories, and protections from environmental factors.
Acquisition of WTMD.estimated value excluding VAT: 5,750,000 CZK
Tenders are invited for Base bid: twenty-five (25) walk through metal detectors (WTMD), alternate 1: upgrade base bid WTMD to an IP65 level as described in the IEC 529 standard, alternate 2: option for transportable, external battery power source for WTMD, alternate 3: option for networking of WTMD via ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity.
Procurement Supply, Installation - Commissioning, Training Education, Maintenance of Security Equipment for the Project ,, Rehabilitation and Modernization and Extension of Airport Movement Area Satu Mare Airport On 4 Groups as Follows: -Batch I - Acquisition of Equipment for Detecting Traces of Explosives Etd (Explosive Trace Detection Systems), 2 Pieces; -Batch Ii Acquisition of Equipment Capable of Detecting Liquid Explosives Leds (Liquid Explosive Detection Systems), 2 Pieces; the Acquisition Gates Iii -Batch Metal Detectors (Wtmd), 2 Pieces; -Batch Iv Acquisition of X-Ray Dual View, the Fixed Chassis, with Small Tunnel with Tip Installed and System Leds (Liquid Explosives Detection System) Technology for Performing Screening Baggage 2 Pieces.
Boivin, Coletta, and Kerr (2003) noted that because of the higher-pulse nature of magnetic fields, walkthrough metal detectors (WTMDs) pose a higher risk than handheld metal detectors (HHMDs).