WTPDWorld Town Planning Day (est. 1949)
WTPDWhite-Tailed Prairie Dog (species)
WTPDWarren Township Police Department (New Jersey)
WTPDWoolwich Township Police Department (Woolwich Township, NJ)
WTPDWESCOM Telephone Products Division
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Re-procurement offers the opportunity to improve the wtpd by:
improving data quality through putting in place: an easy to use and reliable digital interface for tourism related organisations to update their listings; a module/s that can automatically check draft listings (against agreed set criteria); a service to check listings before they go live on the wtpd,
where WTPD is the WTP calculated on a daily basis, DAYS is the number of days on the island, INC is the household income of the respondent, E is a vector of exogenous factors hypothesized to affect WTPD, and v is the random error.