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WTSOWatch the Simpsons Online
WTSOWest Tennessee Sports Online (website)
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WTSO.com is free and easy to join by visiting their website, www.WTSO.com.
Wines 'Til Sold Out (WTSO.com) is the first and largest online flash wine website, selling one premium wine at a time, up to 70% of retail prices until sold out - then a new wine is featured.
District Court of New Jersey, attorneys representing customers of the website claim WTSO created wine brands with private-label companies and then offered those wines at discount prices not based on any actual retail value and offered other wines with exaggerated retail prices to make the discounts appear even larger.
Ever since the introduction of this sales format, Marathons continually break WTSO's daily sales and customer participation records.
A spokesperson for WTSO said their numbers on offers were much different but did not want to comment further.
Yet by May 2013, Wine Woot's total views had shrunk to 215,623, slightly less than WTSO's total of 222,164.
Invino has grabbed the lead from Lot18 and Wines Till Sold Out (WTSO) in the flash market.
Invino posted the most flash offers with 1,114, followed by WTSO's 791 and Lot 18's 767.
Wines Till Sold Out (WTSO) reports that it grew to more than $50 million in total revenue last year, and the owners are confident they'll maintain strong sales in the future.
WTSO offers also averaged the highest winery retail, at more than $50.
I unsubscribed to all of the emails except those from WTSO and Cinderella Wine.
Recently WTSO has sold a wide variety of brands including Kunde, Round Pond, St.