WTTPWant to Trade Pictures (Internet slang)
WTTPWeapons and Tactics Training Program
WTTPWorkforce Technical Transformation Programme (Ministry of Finance; Malaysia)
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02), as well as washing windows, glazed walls and glass facades (all objects of wttp), as well as mowing lawns in the area of wttp
The project will be carried out in a new scalable pilot plant of 300 m3 capacity to be constructed in the wastewater treatment plant (WTTP) of the municipality of Blanca (Murcia, Spain).
Most evaluated WWTPs are small: 109 WWTPs are designed for loadings less than 300 PE, 91 for 300-2000 PE, 26 for 2000-10 000 PE, 15 for 10 000-100 000 PE, and 4 WTTPs for more than 100 000 PE.