WTTPSWet Tropics Tree Planting Scheme (Australia)
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Most evaluated WWTPs are small: 109 WWTPs are designed for loadings less than 300 PE, 91 for 300-2000 PE, 26 for 2000-10 000 PE, 15 for 10 000-100 000 PE, and 4 WTTPs for more than 100 000 PE.
the performance guarantee is presented in one of the following forms - a cash amount deposited in a bank account of the assignor (listed at wttps //webapps.Eso.Bg/zop_profile/bankaccounts.Php), or - an irrevocable and unconditionally payable bank guarantee in favor of the contracting authority with a term of validity under the draft contract, or - insurance covering performance by covering the contractor~s liability under the draft contract as well as a document certifying that the premium under this insurance has been fully paid and the conditions for its entry into force,