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WTXWaiting Time Extension
WTXWireless Transmitter
WTXWebsphere Transformation Extender
WTXWorkstation Advanced Technology Extended
WTXWorkstation Form Factor
WTXWebSphere Transformation Extender (software)
WTXWaiting Time Extension (computer technology)
WTXWorkstation Technology eXtended Format
WTXWarrior Training Exercise
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Identification and analysis of mutations in WTX and WT1 genes in peripheral blood and tumor tissue of children with Wilms' tumor.
1965) from March 1994 to March 1997 for STX and from December 1992 to August 1997 for WTX.
We estimated mean litter size for females in the WTX and STX study sites.
If the United States went for the WTX but its key trading partners didn't, what distortions would be introduced into global trade?
The WTX chassis specification, for midrange workstations, should result in a simplified design process and reduced development costs for OEMs manufacturing Intel-based workstations.
Through its efforts with industry leading OEM and application vendors, Intel has developed the new WTX system specification, which complements processor advancements such as the Pentium(R) II Xeon processor, and platform innovations such as AGP Pro.
The WTX would be collected by the debiting bank and shifted via EFT to the government's account.
Biopharmaceutical company Wilson Therapeutics AB (STO: WTX ) on Thursday reported loss of SEK54.
Tenders are invited for Dive kit equipment: Apex XTX50 1st/2nd Stage Din Regulator Set Part# AP0332F-1; Apex Egress OctopusPart# AP0756, Apex WTX PSD Harness, Size: LargePart# 388193; Apex Backplate, Stainless SteelPart# 388030, Apex WTX D40 PSD Donut Wing Part# 388240, Book Screw Kit 3/4" (To attach Wing to Backplate) Part# 388113, WTX BCD Mesh Pocket for Spare Mask Part# 388000, WTX BCD Thigh Pocket Part# 388015, Bolt/Nut Kit for WTC Pockets, Part# 388018, WTX Internal Retractor Kit Part# 388300, Apex 2 Gauge Console SPG & Depth Part# AP06335IMP, Clearpath Weight Belt Color: BlackPart# WB200, Case of (8) 5lb Vinyl Lace Through Weights Part# CL5-XX-8, High Pressure Steel 80 cu ft Dive Tank w/ Pro Valve Part# HP-80.