WToTWestern Tales of Terror (comic strip)
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Para a determinacao do Wint, Wext e Wtot foi usado o software Dvideow e o sistema Matrix Laboratory (versao 5.3, MathWorks, Inc.; Natick, Massachusetts, USA).
Para a determinacao dos parametros mecanicos (comprimento e frequencia de passada, tempos de suporte e de balanco, Wint, Wext e Wtot) foi realizada, no quarto minuto de corrida, uma filmagem do plano sagital direito de cada sujeito, com o uso de uma filmadora de alta frequencia de amostragem localizada a tres metros do avaliado.
Com o treinamento de forca, nao foram verificadas diferencas significativas na magnitude das variaveis mecanicas analisadas (comprimento e frequencia de passada, tempos de suporte e de balanco, Wint, Wext e Wtot) (Tabela 3), apesar do aumento nos valores forca em 1RM correspondentes as situacoes pre e pos-testes (Tabela 4).
Similarly, there was a significant decrease in Wtot (14.7%; p = 0.003) accomplished during the whole 3-min muscle endurance test (Figure 3A), whereas merely a tendency towards a lower value was evident in respect of Wmax (10.6%; p = 0.097; statistical power = 0.12).
In addition to that, body mass was significantly related to Wtot (r = 0.656; p < 0.001), Wtot in relation to body mass (r = 0.490; p = 0.003), Wmax (r = 0.645; p < 0.001), Wmax in relation to body mass (r = 0.476; p = 0.004) and Wsmax (r = 0.392; p = 0.022).
The main finding of the present study was a significant reduction in Wtot performed during the 3-min muscle endurance test after RBML in comparison with the value in Test 1.