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The functional grant is one-time matching grant, which needs to be invested as fixed deposit (FD) in banks and the interest earned on the FD can be used for functional activities of the WUCS. One time functional grant is given to WUCSs, which perform water management up to subcanal level.
The Pareto (80/20) analysis was used to identify problem areas by rank ordering WUCs by total NMCM hours.
Sandvik Tamrock's AutoMine is very similar in that it uses the Pronyx system (the AutoMine Mission Control System -- MCS) and WUCS. However, rather than using Q-Navigator, Sandvik Tamrock has developed its own Infrafree navigation system.
A queuing simulation was ideally suited to the fluid environment of the flight line, and WUCs were the most accurate indicator available to derive AGE consumption.
These factors were designed to link the number of hours or occurrences a specific group of F-16C/D WUCs ranked over time to F-16C/D MC rates.
Swings: + 1.5 Classic Hits WHCN, + 1.1 CHR WKSS; -- 1.0 Sports WUCS, -- 0.6 News WFCR.
Swings: + 1.7 N/T WTIC, + 1.6 Hot A/C WTIC-F; -- 5.6 Soft A/C WRCH, -- 0.2 Rhym-CHR WZMX & Sports WUCS.
Entercom Boston Sports WWEI captures 5th 3.5-2.2-3.8 and well ahead of CCU Sports WUCS at .9.